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Flashpoint. It’s the spark that happens when vision, knowledge, imagination, and expertise unite with a single focus. It’s the turning point. The critical point. The point where extraordinary brands are born.

It takes a flashpoint to

Create Brand Growth

Advertising & Promotions

Flashpoint Medica offers an integration of expertise with our "Big thinkers think better together" strategic approach. People from multiple disciplines bring fresh insights to create change.


Flashpoint Medica gets that we’re no longer just marketing—we’re marketing in a digital world.Now, it's all about creating an ecosystem of meaningful customer engagements.

Strategic Services

A good strategy creates the spark that drives a brand to its full potential. To that end, we’ve created the SPARK process.

SPARK strategic services include brand equity research, positioning/strategy development, brand architecture and audits, long-term planning, and branding hallmarks.

Promotional Education

Flashpoint Medica knows that talking to physicians is not the same as having them listen or motivating them to act. Our promotional education experts, along with strategically focused account directors and credentialed medical directors will elevate and transform your promotional education into an integrated, scientifically directed program that inspires action.

Global Omnicom

Omnicom’s a global network

As part of the Omnicom DAS network of agencies, we can align with more offices around the world than any other global network. Whether you want a centralized global offering with local execution, or a decentralized global network, when you work with Flashpoint/Omnicom, we can customize our services to drive you to your goal.

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Meet your change agents

Take a look at some of the people who help ignite your brand.

Charlene Prounis

CEO & Managing Partner

charlene helen steveW nicole kevin kerry Shira Branka Robin

Daydream believer

When she was growing up, Charlene's dream was to help others and become a successful businesswoman. So it's inevitable that she worked as a head nurse of an MICU before carrying the bag as a pharmaceutical sales rep and eventually landing a position at an advertising agency.

Now at the helm of her second start-up agency, Charlene's never content to settle for "good enough," constantly challenging herself and her team to come up with innovative ways to ensure her clients' success.

And that drive was recognized by her colleagues, with Med Ad News naming Charlene 2014 Industry Person of the Year.

Charlene is also focused on empowering future generations to make their own dreams come true. She has twice been president of the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association and is the leader of her daughter's Girl Scout troop.

With Charlene's adventurous spirit and propensity for innovation, the question on everyone's mind is, "What will she dream up next?"

Meet Our Clients

We've been sparking ideas and lighting fires for clients' brands for 10 years.

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Portfolio & Awards

Want to light up the sky with some breathtaking work? Take a look at the creative fireworks we set off for some of our clients

Transforming perceptions

The Quill™ knotless tissue-closure device brought new capabilities to surgeons—and required a new campaign to dramatize that difference. With its extraordinary image of stitched clouds, the campaign communicated that the old procedures didn't reach high enough.

Quill knotless tissue campaign image
  • Rx Club
    3 Awards of Excellence
  • PM360 Pharma Choice Awards
    Best Device Campaign/Silver
  • PM360 Trailblazer Award
    Best Product Launch/Finalist
  • Pharmaceutical Executive Ad Stars
    Best Product Launch/Finalist
  • Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) Award
    Best Product Launch Campaign/Silver

Opening arteries—and eyes—around the world

In the face of increased competition among drug-eluting stents, we developed a global branding platform that stands out and quickly communicates the key differentiating factor for the Cypher stent portfolio—proof of long-term patient outcomes.

Quill knotless tissue campaign image
  • Gold In-Awe Award
    Professional Print Ad
  • Gold In-Awe Award
    Interactive Digital Media
  • Bronze In-Awe Award
    Integrated Campaign
  • Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) Award
    Best Product Launch Campaign/Finalist
  • Rx Club
    Award of Excellence
  • PM360 Pharma Choice Award
    Best Product Launch Campaign/Silver

Special delivery

Aerospan, the first inhaled corticosteroid with a built-in spacer, provides high lung deposition. The idea of precisely delivering more drug right where it’s needed led us to place a GPS device right on the spacer, directly linking feature with benefit.

Aerospan Website
  • PM 360 Greatest Creators Award

Life on the move

This launch campaign dramatizes the relief Dysport provides to patients with cervical dystonia in a compelling and memorable way. With a simple transition, it highlights both the "statue-like" immobility and discomfort of the disorder, and the freedom to get back to life that can be achieved using Dysport. This campaign was an MM&M award finalist for Best Professional Print Campaign for Product Launches.

Dysport launch campaign
  • Rx Club
    Award of Excellence
  • Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) Award
    Best Professional Print Campaign for Launch/Silver

A new measure of RA

Until Vectra DA, no one test for RA measured more than one biomarker of disease. The challenge was to convince rheumatologists that Vectra DA was simple to perform and accurate. The caliper image against a graph background denotes precision, with a single measurement of 12 biomarkers. The fact that the calipers clearly create the letter "V" for Vectra was an added bonus.

Vectra DA campaign
  • Diagnostic Marketing (DxMA) Creative Communications Awards
    Gold Award: HCP Ad
    Gold Award: Patient Brochure
  • Rx Club
    Award of Excellence

Our game plan: simple, focused, and effective

To encourage women with HER2+ breast cancer to stay committed to the full recommended course of Herceptin therapy, we created a campaign asking women to think about their own life plans. The ads clearly communicate that patients can continue to strive for great things in their lives when they are committed to therapy with Herceptin.

Vectra DA campaign

Think MS. Think Walking. Think Ampyra

We wanted neurologists treating MS to also consider the disease’s impact on mobility—and keep walking impairment and Ampyra in mind. And what better way than the strikingly surreal replacement of one hemisphere of the brain with a sneaker.

Ampyra campaign image
  • Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) Award
    Best Print Campaign/Silver
  • PM 360 Trailblazer Award
    Best Print Campaign
  • PM 360 Great Creators Award
  • Rx Club
    2 Awards of Excellence

When Genentech BioOncology wanted to enhance their leadership in patient education, we helped create an educational site with a comfortable community feel, a place where patients could repeatedly visit and find the most current and credible information available on the Internet.

  • Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) Award
    Best Interactive Initiative for Consumers/Finalist
  • Rx Club
    Best Patient Website/Gold

Medical Advertising Hall of Fame

When the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame decided to recognize younger individuals destined to leave their mark in our industry, they created the Future Famers Award. Our attention-getting campaign called for each agency to nominate a deserving staffer for this honor.

MAHF Future Famers campaign
  • Rx Club
    Award of Excellence
  • MedAdNews/Manny Award
    Best Philanthropic Campaign/Finalist

Because so much is on the line

The EES Solution for sleeve gastrectomy was designed to help minimize leaks by offering an advanced stapler combined with training on how to successfully use it. The impact of a bleed is viscerally communicated by this easily understood side-by-side comparison.

EES campaign
  • Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) Award
    Best Print Ad/Silver
  • Rx Club
    Award of Excellence

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